Muslim cemetery in Saint-Apollinaire: Labeaume advises The Pack to keep quiet

News 19 July, 2017
  • Photo Stevens LeBlanc
    The mayor of Quebec city advises groups like The Pack to keep quiet on the territory of his city because they are being monitored.

    Stephanie Martin

    Tuesday, 18 July 2017 11:31

    Tuesday, 18 July 2017 11:40

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    The mayor of Quebec city advises groups like The Pack to keep quiet on the territory of his city because they are being monitored.

    “It is extremely toxic. It is in the extreme right-hand tale of the fears and creates a species of militia. The country in which he was created, it has never been a nice story, ” said Régis Labeaume, in the margins of the congress of the Network of cities francophones and francophiles of America. “Ideologically, it made me stink to the nose to see groups of the same. I guarantee you that they will have zero wiggle room. “

    The Duty was also on Tuesday that The Pack, who is said to combat radical islamism, has been implicated in the camp victorious in the non in the referendum for the project of a muslim cemetery in Saint-Apollinaire.

    The mayor feared the creation of militias using weapons. “We live in a society of law. We don’t need them. I advise them within the limits of the city of Quebec to keep very quiet. Me, I won’t accept it. I advise them to walk very straight and make no mistakes. “

    No tolerance

    It suggests that any illegal action, they will be countered. Whether intoxicated, illegal protests or inciting hatred. Although in the latter case, the mayor agrees that this can be complex since it is necessary to demonstrate that. “I’m just waiting that they make a check mark badly-cut in Quebec. We will not leave them no chance. “

    The City of Quebec has its sights on three groups that communicate about identity from quebec : The Pack, Atalanta and The Soldiers of Odin.

    “I have asked the police to Quebec to make me a report on it to understand the complete picture. “

    These groups, who have paraded in Quebec city, are creating fears around situations that do not exist, according to the mayor. “This is a provocation. It is not necessary to create something that does not exist in Quebec. […] The problem is that there are mads that boarded there. “

    Not islamism radical

    Radical islamism is not present in Quebec city and if it was, the authorities would know because a lookout constant is applied, assures the mayor. He has in fact repeatedly spoken out against radical islamism itself. “As soon as I have the chance to speak against it, I’m going to do it. “

    The minister of international Relations and Francophonie, Christine St-Pierre, is concerned about the spread of hate speech in the folder of Saint-Apollinaire. “It is not necessary to do the campaign on hatred or fear of the other. If they have worked on the hatred of the other and the exclusion of the other, I think that’s a shame. Because it is not that of Quebec. It is not the message that Quebec wants to send. “

    Last march, far-right groups, including The Pack, had demonstrated in front of the national Assembly to denounce the immigration and islam. The group had claimed that since the attack on the grand mosque of Quebec city, the governments have exploited this human drama for us back in the throat the islamisation of our society “. Demonstrations of the kind were also held in other cities of Quebec.

    What they said:

    “People have the right to… have the right, frankly, it is fundamental, to bury their dead “

    — Philippe Couillard

    “Groups of far-right islamophobic and downright racist, I prefer to lend them the least attention possible,”

    — The member of parliament for Louis-Hébert Joël Lightbound speaking of The Pack

    “I think it (The Pack) did not matter in this debate-there these last few weeks. One did not speak of islamist extremism “

    — The minister responsible for the national Capital region, François Blais