“My daughter is amazing, she is strong,” – Jean-Nicolas Verreault

News 18 March, 2018
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    Sunday, 18 march, 2018 21:54

    Sunday, 18 march, 2018 21:54

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    Jean-Nicolas Verreault is the father of three girls. Her youngest is syndrome craniofacial Swim. His strength, his joy of living, its ability to adapt and impress the comedian.

    “Initially, we didn’t know (what she had). It took some research at the genetic level. It has been very long and very disturbing. Once one knows, one lives from day to day and with some apprehension for the future”, explains Jean-Nicolas Verreault in VAT News.

    The little 4 year old suffers from malformations of the face, forearm, hand, and hearing loss average. His syndrome is similar to that of Treatcher Collins which is reached Jono Lancaster who was at the Centre hospitalier de l’université Laval, Sunday. The British met children with different types of orofacial malformations.

    A be that fits

    The dad is amazed to see his youngest daughter grow up. “She is 4 years old, she is extraordinary, she is strong. Of course, she will have to cope with different comments, the judgements, the looks of the other. We don’t have the choice, we think. At the same time, when I look at my daughter, I see a being that adapts, a be very strong,” explains the actor with calm and pride.

    Jean-Nicolas Verreault and his lover, Jannie-Karina Won, one of the organizers of the conference, Jono Lancaster, as all parents are very busy, while having to deal with the difference of their little girl.

    “We don’t have the choice, we are in the action a lot. There are moments where you think about (the difficulties their child will face) in the future. We are stressed, we fear how the parents, but at the same time, it will be his life to it. Along with that, we are very busy every day. We make our life”, says the dad.


    Meet Jono Lancaster on more than one occasion has been the inspiration for Jean-Nicolas Verreault and his family.

    “It is so human, he drunk a general message. I realized that the difference affects the entire world. With respect to the company that you would want in such a way so that you’re not like that. He speaks of rejection at different levels. This is not the first time that I hear it and every time I am touched”, breath Mr. Verreault.

    Jono Lancaster is an example for her daughter and for all children who have to live with a deformity. “For those who have a problem with the cranofacial have an example of this man who is strong and who has made a success of his life, which continues to go forward, it is positive. It gives hope,” concludes the actor.