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Entertainment, Techno 19 July, 2017


For the Daily Mail, Brigitte Macron, during the visit of the couple Trump in Paris, has managed once again to appear chic and shock. The newspaper that has even compared one of the held covered by the First French woman, to a sexy nurse.

Months now The Daily Mail is a joy to comment, decipher, analyze, explain, decode, the style of Brigitte Macron. A joy because it can say that the british newspaper is made of a swoon when it comes to evoke the style of the First lady of France, ” the incarnation of glamour to the French “.


In fact, while Brigitte Macron fascinates our colleagues from across the Channel : his age assumed, his love story is atypical, her dress style bold. This last one comes, once again arouse the curiosity of the british journalists on the occasion of the recent visit of the couple Trump in Paris, on 13 and 14 July.


And “The First lady the most unusual ever seen” was left open-mouthed to these observers by appearing last Thursday at the Invalides, ” with a white ensemble seemed to be inspired by a nurse’s uniform eccentric ” ; and a comparison of somewhat outrageous to speak of a white dress, Louis Vuitton – inspired – sixties – which certainly contrasted with the style of ” very conservative ” chosen by Melania Trump. The latter has played the card of the tribute to the French fashion by wearing a set of Dior red inspiration cutter bar.


What about the black lace dress and white, always signed Louis Vuitton, worn by Brigitte Macron for dinner the same evening at The restaurant le Jules Verne and the blue set – dress and jacket cut biker –, always of the French brand ; these outfits have also found grace in the eyes of the English newspaper. The latter of which has designated winner Melania Trump “ in war in the conservative style ” ; but with still an obvious preference for one of Brigitte Macron, ” always consistent with the forms and concepts that are working on it “.

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