My stay horror to the emergency

News 7 March, 2018
  • Photo Rémi Nadeau
    “One would have said a folding screen to change costume on stage at the time of the burlesque.”

    Rémi Nadeau

    Wednesday, march 7, 2018 05:00

    Wednesday, march 7, 2018 05:00

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    Despite all the reforms, the billions invested, it should be safe to go to the emergency room. For both patients and for employees…

    A mishap led me directly on to a stretcher piled up in a corridor of the emergency, packed with other patients, and equipment scattered.

    “It looks like the 3rd world War”, “There, it no longer has common sense”, is throwing them to the nurses and attendants who were trying to work in the tightrope walkers and dodging obstacles.

    Saw my high potential for contagion, I was pushed into a cubicle glazed, with a toilet at the sight of all!

    – “Sorry, there are no more curtains here”

    – “Ah, but what do I do if I want to?”

    – “Wait, we’ll come back with a screen”, blew me the warrior of the Apocalypse, starting at the trot.

    When she returned, I couldn’t help but laugh…

    Shoot me a cream pie, anyone!

    It was missing in the old equipment fucked at least 10 inches of fabric on each side. One would have said a folding screen to change costume on stage at the time of the burlesque. Required to play the Olivier Guimond, an attendant threw blankets designed to fill in gaps.

    Unfortunately, all is desolation. The toilet paper is so thin that it could not wipe anything, if not a few regrets.

    My state was not deemed to be critical, I was released on conditions with a promise to return, as the palace of justice. The next day, even more bad, but because there was more of a cubicle closed, I spent the whole night in the corridor to the wave-like civil war.

    The wildlife

    Despite my pain, I could not help but pity more the employees forced to practice medicine in the bush, and animated by the lame funny.

    • There was a follower of Norman Love the “Aaahh, Aaahh, Aaahh” repetitive suggestive of a soundtrack to a movie lewd cheap.
    • A lout to phone conversations, pounding, punctuated by burps and jokes of the tavern. What could he suffer, with the exception of an obvious lack of knowledge of how to live? It took so much of his foot that he refused his leave. “I’m going back in to’ darkness, the king of me.”
    • An old lady touching concern, which interrupted the staff five times to be sure to be woken up “at 6 o’clock in the morning”. As if one could “go straight” in a hospital corridor… More noisy than that, it is Expo-Québec!

    Two employees, who désinfectaient spaces showed off their lack of judgment in talking very loudly of their recipe for tartar while me and the other plague victims could chew the bars of a stretcher.

    Later in my stay, I had to correct myself a resident, who had granted me my leave by mistake. No doubt, in spite of the affliction, it is necessary to follow the game!

    Well, ultimately, I received care, and the staff does its best. But he does it in intolerable conditions. Before dying, it would be necessary, in Quebec, able first of all to heal in dignity.