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The star of reality tv Nabilla Benattia and her boyfriend Thomas Vergara, met on the set of Angels in 2012, would be separated. For the couple cursed, whose history has been tarnished by a blow from a knife and a stay in prison for it, that would be the end of a story, passionate and chaotic. A break to take it with a grain of salt… it explains everything. Would this be a publicity stunt to announce the next project of the season of Nabilla ?

Jeremstar, the specialist blogger reality tv, just put the fire to the powder. Since 31 July, the blogger known to invite former participants of reality tv in his bath, announced the separation of the star of reality tv Nabilla with her companion Thomas Vergara, Secret Story. After 5 years of love, and a lot of scandals, disputes, the two lovebirds have decided to break. A piece of information that Thomas was confirmed.

Since 2014 and the the knife that has hurt the people of Marseille, the enfants terribles of the reality tv seemed to be sober. A gesture to which the young woman, revealed in 2013 by “The angels of reality tv” on NRJ12, had been sentenced in 2016 to two years in prison. Separated from her beloved during his incarceration at the prison of Versailles, Nabilla had then decided to change his life. The two had settled in London, and there was more talk in the tabloids of their public disputes. The beautiful had even confided his desire to have children with him 50 minutes inside in may 2016.

On Instagram, where lovers were in the habit of posting messages, photos or glued-tight, nothing more. Not since their stay in Dubai, or their announcement of filming in Australia announced last June. The shooting was over, Nabilla is back in the capital, 3 weeks after his departure. The dissemination of “The incredible adventures of Nabilla and Thomas in Australia” is scheduled for September. It is a risk for us, I don’t know what it will give (…). I told myself that it was a life adventure and I want to live”, said already the young woman to the presentation of the program. This film will be there because of their torque, or is this a publicity stunt to announce the new issue of the young woman. Out tv shows for several months, Nabilla a lot on the show… to re-start his career.

Friends, we are very pleased to announced our new challenge.. Go to Australia

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