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Entertainment, Techno 7 July, 2017


Revealed in 2013 by The angels of reality tv, Nabilla Benattia has lived a life to say the least, tormented, going even a few weeks in prison following a knife attack of his companion Thomas Vergara. An experience that has permanently changed the young woman of 25 years.

At the end of 2014, Nabilla Benattia made headlines by attacking them with a knife the man who shares his life, Thomas Vergara. An incident but fortunately without injury to the young man but which has still led the young woman in jail for a little over a month. Ecrouée to the house arrest of Versailles on the 9 November, the starlet is out on the 18th of December. A short passage, but which has deeply marked Nabilla , as she confides in today’s Le Parisien. “Clearly, there has been a before and after prison, “she says bluntly. Since I went through this box and I am no longer the same. I am more woman, more in control “. With Thomas, who is still his companion, they do not have to risk reliving the nightmare of the night of the assault. “Before, when there was a problem, you get shouted over, “she says. Now, we see things differently. There is less blood. And at the same time, I haven’t lost my spontaneity, or my freshness “. Thomas, who never leaves her, says : “ The prison, he never speaks. The page is turned. It is out of this story a lot more mature “.

As a whole, but also with Tarek, the brother of Nabilla, and five of their friends, the couple is preparing to fly to Australia where they will perform a journey of over 400 kilometers , during which they will have to fend for themselves to move and to be accommodated. The program will be broadcast then on NRJ12, the channel has revealed Nabilla with The angels of reality tv and its famous ” No but hello what ! “. It is not known if the young woman will have the shampoo in her luggage.


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