Naked dead man At the construction site in Moscow found the corpse

News 18 December, 2017

On Novoalekseevskaya street in the Northern district of Moscow in the Elevator shaft of an unfinished house was the corpse of the man.


About the incident police said an employee of a private security Agency guarding the construction site of the 15-storey building. When on patrol she saw in the Elevator shaft the corpse of the unknown man. The man was naked, looks about 30-35, looks Slavic.

The police arrived at the scene examination found in the Elevator shaft men’s pants. Examining the contents of his pockets, the police found the passport of a resident of the Stavropol territory 46 years.

According to preliminary data, the cause of death was a fall from a height. The corpse is sent for forensic examination. The investigation is underway.