Naked model section of Santa Claus, strolling through the streets of new York

News 18 December, 2017

Bare model painted to dress the gnome walked through the urban avenues of new York. Reported by the Daily Mail.


Artist Jen Seidel’s visit to the American metropolis for a meeting with the model Lily Jasmine. Their collaboration included only a few components – pastey on the chest and the abundance of various colors to draw with. The girls have created for this occasion a special clip.

The movie begins with the moment when Lily had a number of professional artists, thus the model is located in the Central part of the room. The wizard “dressed” Jasmine in red tight leggings with snowflakes, sweater black and white with Christmas trees and festive leg warmers in gnome.
In such “attire” Lily walked through the streets of new York. All ended with the Christmas character is dressed as Santa Claus proposed model, a t-shirt so she could cover up the chest.