Named the most drinking country in the EU

News 6 December, 2017

Named the most drinking country in the European Union (EU). According to this indicator, the leaders of the Baltic States. This information extends to Eurostat.


The first position in the rating of the most drinking countries in the EU Estonia holds. In this power, citizens are spending to 5.6% of total income. In second place was Latvia – 4.8%, and Lithuania – 4.2%, respectively. On average, EU citizens for the purchase of alcoholic beverages spend 1.6% of total revenue. In the Baltic States the level of purchases of alcohol at three times the standard indicators. Statistics say that ten years ago the citizens of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia bought alcohol to order more than I do now.

The least drinking country is Spain. Its residents spend on alcohol only 0.8% of their earnings. Followed by Italy – 0.9% and Austria – by 1.3%. In the countries where they grow different varieties of grapes, the level of alcohol consumption low. One of the drinkers in Europe are also residents of the Czech Republic and Poland.