Neapolitan pizzas added to the UNESCO world heritage list

News 7 December, 2017

The art for the preparation of Neapolitan pizza became part of the cultural heritage of UNESCO. This information confirmed by representatives of specialized UN agencies on issues related to science, education and culture during the meeting of the ordinary session held in Jeju, South Korea.


Culinary practice Neapolitan pizza maker is a unique technique for the preparation of the dough, which includes a particular rotational motion, and pastries exclusively in a wood oven. Pizza, according to several studies the world’s most popular Italian dish which has spread to many cultures, acquiring its own characteristics and features.

Besides, along with Neapolitan pizza in the list of UNESCO there was a place Azerbaijani dolma, Kyrgyz equestrian game of Kok-Boru, and the Armenian national Kochari dance.