Near Auschwitz found the Soviet aircraft Il-4, shot down 19 January 1945 : In the World : Vladim

News 20 January, 2018

In Poland found a Soviet bomber Il-4 in close proximity to Auschwitz. The fate of the crew unknown.


Within the Polish Republic discovered the bomber during the Second world war, released in the USSR. Details of the military flying machines found near the place where the Auschwitz concentration camp. It is often lying in the water, it was found that when the owner of the site decided to drain it.

About the important discovery he told the search engines, and those excavated and pulled from the mud by elements of the wings and fuselage. Their show society at the end of January, when in 1945 occurred the liberation of Auschwitz from the paramilitary parts of Germany.

Who was flying the bomber – no data. The bodies of the pilot are detected, therefore, when palenie crew managed to jump out. For this year the search will continue, that managed to gather all the other missing pieces of the Soviet machine. It is known that in Auschwitz went the legend of the downed plane of the Soviet Union, but no one knew where he collapsed. The names of the pilots found out with the help of the Embassy of the Russian Federation. It is reported that bombardirovshik in the last year of the war, was unable to fly to the Birkenau camp, where may was going.