Near lake Ontario, the young couple took a picture of the downed UFO in the snow : In the World : Vladim

News 11 January, 2018

Young people in Canada are captured on camera flying over lake Ontario UFOs. The object fell to the ground. According to witnesses, they had the impression that he was hit by opponents.


Young men captured on camera camera. They tried to approach the UFO, but it suddenly rose into the sky and flew away in an unknown direction. Witnesses posted photos online. Not all users believe the words of the author of the photo. According to some users, they are trying to deceive, and pictures and videos taken by mounting. There were those who believed in the existence of aliens that visited Canada.

Exploring space has not yet commented on this publication. Ufologists have repeatedly stated that the aliens have repeatedly come to Earth and continue to do so. There is a version on which the US government made contact with representatives of other planets, but does not wish to disclose this information. Scientists call these assumptions false, as there is no evidence.