Near the presidential administration of Ukraine, unknown persons stabbed the man : Crime news : Vladim

News 6 March, 2018

An unknown man near the building of presidential administration of Ukraine attacked with a knife at the man, fatally shot him and fled the scene. This incident was reported by the local edition of the Internet resource.


Under the version of law enforcement officers arrived, the incident occurred when a man approached a parked car that was standing in the yard at Lutheran. The shot hit the abdomen, the victim lost a lot of blood and did not reach the hospital, died in the car.
The comments to this news is still small, but it makes sense to remember the statistics that the voices in their speeches, officials from the office of the President Administration of Ukraine.

In 2017, in public speeches, television and radio interviews came from the lips of 314 officials phrase: “Ukraine has slipped to the level of criminality heavy 90-ies”.