Negotiation with the ambulance: an agreement to hand

News 22 December, 2017
  • QMI agency

    Friday, 22 December 2017 08:31

    Friday, 22 December 2017 08:31

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    The ministry of Health and social Services (DHSS) would have come, late Thursday night, a tentative agreement with the negotiating committee of the industry of ambulance FSSS-CSN, outside of Montreal.

    However, according to the CSN, some businesses would block even the formalization of the end of the conflict.

    The Federation of health and social services of the Confederation of national trade unions (FSSS-CSN) has entered into an agreement with the ambulance companies covering the regions of the Montégérie, the eastern Townships and the national Capital in which the Department agrees to review the operation of working hours, deemed obsolete.

    “This agreement is faithful to the one concluded earlier this summer in Montreal and Laval and has been adopted by the general assembly last week,” said a press release of the CSN, on Friday morning.

    Nevertheless, the CSN deplores the fact that “the longer the conflict work of the history of the area pre-hospital” is not quite finished since the Corporation of ambulance services of Quebec (CSAQ) would continue, after it, to block a possible settlement.

    “It is, in good part because of the CSAQ that these negotiations are bogged down, has supported Jean Gagnon, representative of the sector pre-hospital to the FSSS-CSN. It is she who has refused for months to negotiate aspects to the financial implications, tempting us to use in the conflict that pitted him against the DHSS.”

    “The companies, he added, with which we heard on Thursday, as well as those of the CSAQ, are funded entirely by the Ministry. There is no reason for the CSAQ refuses to grant its paramedics the same working conditions as other paramedics.”