NES Classic Mini: Other controllers are compatible

Sport 23 November, 2016

nintendo-nintendo-classic-mini-nesCould not you get a second controller to your NES Classic Mini? Look a little to see in your drawers.

Well OK on this one then we confess, we have not been great foresight. Indeed, we had forgotten that the Famicom, the equivalent of the NES was stocked with 2 controllers directly while the Europeans were going to be penalized, as usual what. As the pack of the NES Classic Mini we tested here comes with a single lever, you will get a new one for only 10 euros … Or, but that’s besides the console as well as the famous controller are in shortage absolutely everywhere and therefore to play both the console is dead.

The Wii Classic Controller is also compatible

Or so we thought at the base, but ultimately, there is another solution! Indeed and as you may have already noticed, the connection of the levers of the NES Classic Mini is identical to the additional device port of the Wii Remote. Therefore, the classical and classic controllers of the Wii Pro are compatible with the mini NES . Better yet, the Home button they can also serve Reset button , which prevents you to rise to reach the console button every time you want to change the game! No problem to play 2 while waiting to buy a new NES controller so. Do you still have these Wii controllers?