Network laugh awkwardly playing bowling Brazilian In the World : Vladim

News 11 January, 2018

The game Brazilians bowling was the reason for a lot of jokes on the part of users. On one of the YouTube-channel has a video which shows a very unsuccessful day for bowling. The video shows the Brazilian, which, whether due to their inexperience, or uncommon strength, had to beat the strike, but ended up a broken display above the bowling alley.


In the beginning of the video, the woman busily coming to balls for the game and begins to touch them. In the frame appears a man who tells her what to choose. After the Brazilian starts aiming at the pins.
The voice-over tells her to “aim straight” and it seems like all he hears, but makes completely different. Swinging furiously, she throws the ball straight into the TV, which was at this moment at a great height.

As a result, it splits the screen and just grabs from the shock face, then the video is choppy.
YouTube users maneuver appreciated and stated that she has a great future in professional sports where you need something to throw, for example, the core or spear.

Bowling users suggest her not to get involved. Some also expressed hope that the woman doesn’t drive, because she had done a lot of troubles.