Network of production of drugs : still the bewilderment in a neighbourhood of Châteauguay

News 17 December, 2017
  • QMI agency

    Sunday, 17 December 2017 16:00

    Sunday, 17 December, 2017 16:02

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    It is always the stupor in a residential neighborhood in Chateauguay, where the RCMP has dismantled Saturday, a network of drug production.

    Four people have been arrested while the authorities have put an end to the activities of a clandestine laboratory installed in a private residence of the rue des Sittelles.

    According to the RCMP, all the evidence suggests that fentanyl, and carfentanyl, a substance 100 times more potent than fentanyl, were on the ground.

    “We visited 10 000 times more powerful than morphine). It is enough that the simple fact of breathing the dust you get in a bad state. (..) It will give problems, drowsiness, loss of consciousness and respiratory arrest, and it is there that people die,” explained the pharmacist Jean-Yves Dionne.

    According to TVA News has learned, this operation would involve a network of production of fentanyl intended for export to Europe and the United States.

    The arrests have not gone unnoticed in this neighborhood, which is home to several young families.

    “It is a little disturbing, but I think the police have really done the work,” said a citizen of the area.

    “I find that Chateauguay is in the process of change. This just confirms what we thought. It is surprising, it is sure that we don’t expect that”, is rather of the opinion another resident of the neighborhood.

    The mayor, Pierre-Paul Routhier, is not of the same opinion. He admits that the production of such products is a concern, but he says that this is an isolated case and that his city is in the process of criminalization.