New 3DS XL: Before Christmas, new colors flashy land

Techno 14 November, 2016

new-3ds-couleur-nintendoYou want to splurge on a New 3DS for Christmas? Nintendo has thought of you!
Christmas is fast approaching, and of course, the leading brands compete imagination to make you crack! This year’s champion all categories combined is the giant Nintendo. While the NES Classic Mini is seen obliging to provide several restocks before the end of the year, and that Pokemon games Sun and Moon record-breaking pre-orders, Nintendo seems very clearly poised to make huge sales figures Christmas . But Big N does not stop there, since in the event that you want to splurge on a New 3DS XL, three new new colors which have been revealed to the public. Coca-Cola Gaming Stories, we are fans.

With Rose + white + black Orange and White Pearl, you’ll be spoiled for choice in the color of your next console. Far from the cold and gloom, show your good mood with flashy colors and full of pep! Unless of course you prefer to play the card Pokemon Sun and Moon bottom, by cracking for this limited edition 3DS XL in the colors of Pikachu . The choice is announced already very complicated! But still keep some of your sub, because after Christmas, the Japanese giant confirmed and signed with the arrival of the new console Nintendo Switch . To what color will you crack?