New details about the murder of a mafioso

News 22 January, 2018
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    Joe Di Maulo was long considered one of the most important actors of the mafia in montreal.

    Éric Thibault

    Monday, 22 January 2018 01:00

    Monday, 22 January 2018 01:00

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    Two days before being murdered, the influential mafioso Joe Di Maulo has been a “lively discussion” about the guy Raynald Desjardins with the godfather Vito Rizzuto, who seemed displeased.

    This is what Milena Di Maulo reveals about his father, who died ” alone in a driveway with bullets in the head “, and her ” uncle Raynald, currently imprisoned for conspiracy to murder, in a book to be published this week and which The Journal has obtained a copy.

    In the interview, she expressed the hope that it may revive the police investigation, which would be ” a dead point “, on this murder go unpunished, which was filled with ” pain, anger and shame “.

    “This is my brother-in-law ! “

    She argues that the November 1, 2012, his father, and Vito Rizzuto – so freshly returned to Canada after six years in prison for his role in three murders in New York – met. Nothing has filtered out of their head-to-head, except that Joe Di Maulo was the godfather thin.

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    Vito Rizzuto


    The next evening, the two men, who “got on well” according to her, have, however, had a telephone conversation “lively” during which Di Maulo said to Rizzuto : “what is it that you want me to do ? This is my brother-in-law ! “

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    Raynald Desjardins


    Joe Di Maulo was referring to the younger brother of his wife Huguette, Raynald Desjardins, who has “a business relationship with Vito Rizzuto have contributed greatly to its success,” says Milena Di Maulo.

    Di Maulo, shot and killed two days later at 70 years of age in front of his home in Blainville, and Rizzuto, who died of pneumonia while he fought lung cancer in December 2013, took out the contents of that conversation to the grave with them.

    But both seemed to have a grudge against Desjardins.

    “Fuck the shit “

    September 16, 2011, Desjardins survived a shooting that he suspected had been ordered by the aspirant parrain Salvatore Montagna.

    According to police, the two were still allies, to take control of the mafia in montreal decimated by a war, the power of lethal, the eldest son and the father of Vito Rizzuto, Nick’s son and Nicolo, were victims in 2009 and 2010.

    The Newspaper has already reported that the Sûreté du Québec had asked Joe Di Maulo, who served as the “advisor”) to Desjardins, “to use his influence to calm down the game” and avoid retaliation.

    If the septuagenarian has complied, it was a failure. Desjardins was planning its revenge, and, on the 24th of November following, Montagna died riddled with bullets in Charlemagne.

    “My mother told me that, at the announcement of the death of Salvatore Montagna, my father was pacing in the house, raving of rage. “I knew he was going to fuck the shit by doing this !”, would he say, speaking of Raynald Desjardins, ” says Milena.

    No body guard

    At the time of his death, Joe Di Maulo ” knew that he was in danger “, according to his daughter. But unlike Raynald Desjardins, ” he continued to move alone, without a bodyguard “.

    Photo QMI Agency, Michel Desbiens

    Photo taken in the aftermath of the killing of Joe Di Maulo, who was assassinated by a sniper after getting out of his vehicle, in front of him, Blainville, quebec, on November 4, 2012

    The criminologist Maria Mourani, who wrote this book, advance the thesis that Joe Di Maulo has been a “collateral victims of the actions of his brother-in-law” seems to have “more credit” than that, indicating that he has been disloyal to the clan Rizzuto.

    “People don’t die for nothing in the mafia [but] I do not believe that he had been murdered for questions of allegiance to one clan or another,” says Milena Di Maulo.

    Photo QMI Agency, Michel Desbiens

    We see his vehicle parked in
    the parking lot of his residence.

    In charge of the investigation, the Sûreté du Québec has not commented on this information.

    Milena Di Maulo, the daughter and wife of Mafiosi

    Photo Pierre-Paul Poulin

    Milena Di Maulo was said to have long hesitated to tell his life in a book, lest they “betray [his] family and the environment that [l’] were born”.

    I called Milena Di Maulo. Before his assassination in 2012, my father, Joseph ” Joe ” Di Maulo was one of the mafiosi the most influential of Quebec. The father of my two children is called Francesco “Frankie” Cotroni ; he is the son of Frank Cotroni, the former leader of the clan calabrian, who also happens to be my godfather. […] Believe me, my name is not easy to wear.

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    Milena Di Maulo (left), age 9, with his parents and younger sister in 1975.

    The assassinations, the lies, the betrayals, the corruption and illegality have staked my existence. I can count among my acquaintances, more than 20 men who were murdered. The murder of my father has been a highlight for me. How to say sadness, anger and shame that I’ve proven ?

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    Joe Di Maulo, was shot by the police after his arrest for murder in 1971. It will eventually be acquitted.

    The march 12, 1971, when I was 5 years old, came in the case of the three murders of the Casa Loma, the result of which is that my father decided to flee to Florida. I vaguely remember my mother wrapping the luggage at full speed, nervous, and anxious. Seeing my incomprehension before a departure so sudden, she explained to me : “I want you to learn English “.

    My youth has truly been a rich kid, spoiled beyond all measure. Without tags and without limits, I’m giddy music, drugs, alcohol, fake friends, shopping and money. […] Mingle with the artists and famous people dazzled the little girl in me and made me forget momentarily my parents and the mafia.

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    Joe Di Maulo flanked the singer Michèle Richard and Nanette Workman.

    Some of these artists came to eat at the house or occur in a family celebration. […] I loved the friendship frank had Michèle Richard for my father and Frank Cotroni. She has never hidden that she was attending, and she was doing it without shame no, this is not the case for many others.

    There was always someone who owed him money. [My father] was paying 1% interest… per week ! […] He would always say : “Have respect. The bank can get you to take off your house and put you all naked in the street. Me, I can put you naked in your grave. You can’t pay me ? Call me and we will figure something out. “

    There was a real chemistry between Nick and me. He is the son of Vito Rizzuto bothered me not at all. He was kind, polite, charming and always well dressed : a real play-boy. […] It was a simple flirtation, nothing serious ; things are not moved very far between us. The fact that my father disapproves of our relationship I made it more attractive.

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    Milena Di Maulo called”absolutely magnificent” and his marriage with “Frankie” Cotroni, in 1991.

    The girls of honor, the cars (including 15 limousines, a Rolls-Royce and Excalibur), decorations for interior and exterior : everything was white. My wedding dress, a splendor that Brooke Shields wore at a fashion show, came from New York. [ … ]. I was wearing a crown behind it, inlaid with stones of the Rhine, was long of twelve feet.

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    Francesco Cotroni

    With their wives, mafiosos oscillate between silence and coded language. For my part, I did not ask ever questions to Frankie ; it was not necessary. When he got home saying ” today, it was a good day, you can call tomorrow to dig the pool “, I suspected that I was going to pay cash for that pool. Or if he said ” Honey, if you want to change the car, do it “, I knew that he had succeeded big time.

    The jewelry, the cars, the houses, cocaine, alcohol, designer clothing and all the banknotes of the earth cannot hide this fact : the mafia, it’s the tears. […] It is hatred. The mafia consume all those who, fascinated by the opulence and jet-set, have the misfortune to approach it.