New information on the brutal assassination of Catherine Daviau

News 15 March, 2018
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    Marie-Christine Bergeron

    Thursday, 15 march, 2018 19:11

    Thursday, 15 march, 2018 19:16

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    The issue J. E. unveils new evidence related to the murder of Catherine Daviau, committed nearly 10 years. Details that leave no doubt about the premeditation of this heinous crime. We learn that the murderer, who is still on the run, had made fasteners in plastic, tie wraps, to control his prey.

    On December 11, 2008, the 26 year old woman has been murdered in his apartment on 5th avenue Rosemont, in Montreal. Since then, investigators of the police Department of the City of Montreal track the perpetrator of this murder. Before the stalemate, the major crime section reveals in particular that the assassin was smoking Player’s filter in 2008.

    “It eliminates a lot of people. It brings who he is and it’s closer to the truth. It is like being in the funnel are removed, and people. What are the characteristics that make the person unique,” said Genevieve Daviau, the sister of Catherine, who speaks for the first time on camera.

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    Genevieve Daviau, the sister of Catherine

    Murder prepared

    “We already knew that Catherine would come back from her work around 18h. She lived alone in an apartment on 5th avenue. At 19h07, a neighbor called 911 to report a fire. It does not leave a lot of time anyway. I still cannot believe that no one has noticed someone or something suspicious that night”, grieves Genevieve.

    When firefighters arrived on the scene, the doors were locked. No trace of break-in. After smashing the entrance, the fire have found the body of Catherine on his bed. The young woman was naked, she had been assaulted and tied up. She was beaten and sexually assaulted by her assailant who set the fire before leaving.

    “I’m a complement to mad, traumatised from it! This is terrible to do that to someone. Was he killed before or after? He set fire to it while she was dying? This is horrible!” thunders his great friend, Véronique Danis

    The investigators cast the net wide, but still have no suspect. “We did pass numerous DNA tests to men who may have been in contact with Catherine,” says the investigator. The police hold the DNA of the murderer, but there was no match.

    Despite all the investigative work, the record of Catherine has been ranked in the “cold boxes”. Even if the years go by, the investigators do not lose hope to put the hand on this dangerous man.

    In order to bring up memories or untying of languages, the service crimes major SPVM reveals that “J. E.” evidence that has never been released before. We learn that the killer was smoking Player’s filter in 2008. A cigarette butt was found in the apartment of Catherine. New information that could possibly arouse a suspicion in the entourage of the suspect.

    The survey also reveals that the man would have used the scent of Catherine as accelerating to light the fire.

    The call of a neighbor has helped to preserve some of the exhibits. As fasteners in plastic, tie wraps, which have served to tie the young woman.

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    “It tells us that the attacker arrived on scene with a plan, a plan made already. He knew what he wanted to do, he wanted to attach the victim to the control. Therefore, it is clear that there was a premeditation. This type may have followed or seen Catherine in her routine may be a few days or some time before to see his routine,” explained the investigator of record, Antonio Paradiso of the SPVM.

    Relaunch the investigation

    On its website, the police Department of the City of Montreal has decided, in the beginning of the year, to put online some of the details of crimes unresolved, such as the murder of Catherine Daviau. A video explains the facts and some of the details of the investigation. The Sûreté du Québec has also created a website in order to attract the interest of internet users to collaborate in the recovery of these 750 cases not resolved.

    “The records of murders remain active for two years. If after two years the investigation has not led, in the jargon of the medium, we will say that it is a “cold case”. Then the folder will be put on the back burner and my investigators will review these records on a sporadic basis with new information that fit. These kinds of records there, like Catherine, are never closed,” says captain Vincent Rozon of the major crime section of the SPVM.

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    The man would have used the scent of Catherine as accelerating to light the fire.

    At the beginning of the investigation, the police refused to say if Catherine had been sexually assaulted. Today, they confirm it, but refuse to disclose the cause of her death. Police officers hold back intentionally, some details of their investigation to assess a possible suspect and confront him.

    “It is important for investigators to keep certain items confidential, secret items. They call it “hold back”. If it is a information that the suspect has left the premises and this is not mentioned on the outside of the folder, if one day some people speak of an item that has never been said in public, will we know that it is a good information, and we will treat it as a priority,” notes the investigator Paradiso.

    The truth is sometimes a hair, a cigarette butt, a tiny levy of DNA preserved carefully in a freezer in the Laboratory of forensic science and forensics to -79 degrees. For the moment, in Quebec, the science does not allow biologists to determine the age, origin or physical traits such as eye color, but the techniques are evolving rapidly, and the police might eventually have to turn to private laboratories in the United States, which is very expensive.

    Is that the new evidence proved at “J. E.” may advance the work of the investigators? A detail, which may seem harmless, could become the key to the mystery that persists for almost 10 years. Is it that the DNA found at the crime scene could possibly betray the assassin?

    Any information can be provided anonymously to Info-Crime at 514 393-1133