New photo of Jupiter in scarlet

Techno 18 March, 2018

2018-03-18 13:29

New photo of Jupiter in scarlet
In a Network there were new photos of Jupiter.

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Jupiter is the fourth centenary of the raging giant hurricane. He continues to attract the attention of researchers. In a Network there were new photos of scarlet spots, made space probe “Juno”, reports Rus.Media.

The spacecraft, named after the wife of the terrible God of Jupiter, flew to the giant planet at a distance of just over 12 thousand kilometers. So violent storm struck users of enchanting and distinctive beauty of a global natural phenomenon. Scientists have corrected the images and identified the areas of attenuation of the hurricane.

According to astronomers, the natural conditions in the Northern hemisphere of the giant of the Solar system will continue the trend of all-consuming vortexes, which will be subject to monitoring future generations of researchers. Jupiter is to Earth a kind of “security”. Contrary to all cosmological theories, was strategically located in such a way that draws all threat for the blue planet cosmic body.