“New Wang” predicted war and rivers of blood for 2018 : In the World : Vladim

News 10 February, 2018

“New Wang” fourteen – year-old Frenchwoman, Kaede Uber, which became the successor of prophetess from Bulgaria after her death. The psychic was convinced that the following is so strong, the sorcerer will appear in France, and it happened. The heiress of Vanga already scared the whole world with promises of wars and rivers of blood in 2018.


French, Kaede Uber was born in 2003. Like its predecessor, the girl was blind and almost hears nothing. She sees their predictions in dreams and most of them come true. The girl has healed from diseases, saw the future of all your family members.

Qaeda, known around the world. Their predictions she saw in her dream. According to most girls, it comes Wang.
In the new year, Kaunda did not see military conflict between Russia and the United States, but said the war will start in the “weak country”, which will battle and will spill “rivers of blood”. The girl also said that Donald trump and Kim Jong UN “together will do bad things”.

Assessing the words “new Vanga”, we can assume that we are talking about North Korea and the United States who can enter into a military conflict. If this happens, it can suffer the Russian far East.