Newfoundland and Labrador: the dolphins trapped in the ice are finally rescued

News 22 March, 2018
  • QMI agency

    Thursday, march 22, 2018 11:26

    Thursday, march 22, 2018 11:30

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    HEART’S DELIGHT | About seven dolphins who were trapped in the ice for a few days in the port of Heart’s Delight, Newfoundland and Labrador, have been able to return to the off on Thursday.

    It is thanks to the efforts of citizens and employees of Fisheries and Oceans Canada to ensure that these mammals were able to escape, of them that were confined in a small open area near the shore.

    Boats were used to push the pieces of ice towards a jetty on which there were two mechanical shovels, reported the local newspaper “The Telegram”. These last were able to move the ice to the other side of the jetty where it was swept away by the current. Grappling hooks and sticks were then used to create a passage way for these dolphins to white-nosed that they could win an open area of the bay.

    “They could not rise to breathe, had mentioned Calvin Reid in the local newspaper “The Beacon” when seen Tuesday morning. We took a boat and broken the ice to give them more room to swim. They seemed to understand what was happening.”

    But these early efforts had not borne fruit.

    Residents and employees of Fisheries and Oceans Canada had spent all of Wednesday night to Thursday to watch the dolphins in order to save them if they fail.

    This event has attracted many curious people. Some were even launched from the fish in an attempt to feed the dolphins. However, it is unknown if the mammals were eaten.