Neymar: A return to Brazil just before the Clasico?

Sport 18 November, 2016

avec-ces-abdos-neymar-pourrait-remplacerNeymar could use a return express to Brazil to attend the premiere of the film “xXx: Reactivated” in which he makes an appearance.

Few players have to juggle a football career and acting career as Neymar. Ok maybe Ravanelli. And it is not always easy. The Brazilian is faced with a dilemma, it must be said, falls very ill. On December 3, FC Barcelona Real Madrid receives for Clasico looming crazy, as usual. Unfortunately in Brazil will take place two days before the premiere of the movie xXx: Reactivated . In which Neymar made an appearance problem, the presence of Barça player has been confirmed as well as Vin Diesel, Nina Dobrev and Ruby Rose . in short, Ney is in a lot of trouble. Especially since two days before the premiere Barca must move to Alicante to face Hercules, so before receiving the Real four days later. If he decides to go anyway, Neymar will return a mess and will not be spared by the press for poor performance.
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According to the Catalan daily , Neymar pencherait closer to a “reasonable” solution, ie remain in Catalonia to best prepare for the Clasico. No doubt the Catalan fans will be pleased with this decision. Go Neymar, it will be for the next time, waiting tries to give acting lessons to Luis Suarez, he could do! The film is not the only obstacle on the road Clasico. The Brazilian is under threat of suspension after taking four yellow cards in the league since the start of the season. If he takes a new field Real Sociedad, he can say adios to the Clasico. Read also: Neymar appears Thiago Silva by completing a challenge . According to you what should Neymar?