Neymar and Justin Bieber in training Barca!

Sport 21 November, 2016

neymar-justin-bieber-rafinha-lionel-messiIf the MSN seeks to form a fourth thief attack four Barça, Justin Bieber would be good candidate. The proof in video !

We saw against Malaga when the MSN is not complete, it’s more difficult result for Barca . Without Luis Suarez neither Lionel Messi, Neymar had not his friends around him to ignite the match and the Catalans had to settle for a score of Ligue 1 at the Camp Nou (0-0). But the solution could perhaps be coming from where we did not expect. And it has a name: Justin Bieber! Ok, said like that, it can make you smile, but the Canadian singer had OCCAZ to hit the ball with the Brazilians Neymar and Rafinha on Monday at the club’s training center. And obviously, he has rather a good left foot.

Yes, you ask all of you: but why Justin Bieber was at the training center of FC Barcelona? Nothing simpler, it actually prepares a concert in the Catalan city . And given that the Canadian is a fan of the Blaugrana, he had the privilege of being received by the front door. He also took the opportunity to pose with the three members of the MSN with a beautiful Canadian lumberjack shirt. We leave you with the video of his special training. And Paco Alcacer could be inspired. Read also: Lionel Messi: Manchester City prepare a bid ever seen . How do you find the left foot of Justin Bieber?