Neymar appears Thiago Silva by completing a challenge!

Sport 11 November, 2016

neymar-thiago-silva-petit-pont-defi-twitterWhile he is in the Brazilian squad to face Argentina in qualifying ‘for the next World Cup, Thiago Silva has been displayed by Neymar.

The mood is set fair within the Seleçao! First of AmSud area in the qualifiers for the next World Cup, Brazil has put the head in place after sluggish start. A change of coach and four consecutive victories enabled the band to Neymar to restore the auriverde shield (which was more green than gold). Well, this is not yet the Joga Bonito ago few years but it’s starting to look like Brazil . So, it is with a nice dose of confidence that Titus players are preparing to receive Argentina in the night from Thursday to Friday (kickoff at 0:45 French time). Especially teammates Lionel Messi them now occupy the play-off place (5th).

During a workout fivefold world champions, Neymar, always the first to winnow when he can, was unable to prevent slamming a small bridge to Thiago Silva for his return to the group. And obviously, it was a challenge to Barcelona! It has published on his Twitter account a photo in which we see a successful bet , with a comment: “I managed” . Followed by some dead smileys laughing. One can imagine that this was a moment that Ney ‘wished to O Monstro fined. A photographer anyway immortalized the scene. And that, he gets off Neymar! Read also: FC Barcelona: Neymar The plan to face Real Madrid . What do you think of the attitude of Neymar?