Neymar is shown with a Gaga Milano watch in gold!

Sport 1 January, 2017

Neymar is a true fan of big gold or diamond watches. Adept of the brand Gaga Milano, the Brazilian bonfire of Barça was displayed with a watch that costs only 35,000 euros
You are told and you are told again: Neymar is not a footballer like the others. It was possible to notice when he posed with Marquinhos . FC Barcelona’s go-kart looks good as well as his flat foot in front of the keeper. And then no contract between the Brazilian star to a watchmaker, Neymar often appears with luxury watches by Gaga Milano . The latest in date is gold, diamonds and, impresses with his skull! This new jewel that you can see on the wrist of Neymar Jr costs only 35,000 euros. Yes, when you love, you do not count …

By wearing this watch Bionic Skull Gaga Milano, Neymar Jr made a sacred publicity stunt for the Italian brand. It is not known if the Brazilian striker received this watch as a thank you for the free promo he does on his social networks. Anyway, in our eyes, she throws and it goes perfectly. But it’s certainly nothing compared to the sublime racing car that has bought the Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo . Yes, we agree : God willing, our children will be football stars!