Neymar to a new record in the Champions League?

Sport 24 November, 2016

neymar-record-passe-decisives-assists-ligueEven if it annoys his opponents on the field, Neymar remains a key player of Barça. The proof with a stat phew!

He did not so much mind to party but it does the job. While he was sentenced by Spanish courts to two years in prison and 10 million euro fine for “corruption in the business” of his transfer from Santos to Barca in 2013, Neymar remains efficient on the ground. He proved it again Wednesday in the Champions League during the match against Glasgow Celtic by a further D passes to Messi on the opening goal of the Catalans. This allows it to aggregate seven assists since the start of the season competition. Not bad? Bin fact this is already a record! The Brazilian joined Xavi (2008-09), Mesut Ozil (2010-11) and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (2012-13) among the best passers in C1 on a season.

You will understand, what is impressive is that Neymar has reached this level in only five matches. It is not soothsayer but would well a small room on the fact that fight so this record since starting this season remains at least three games left to FC Barcelona (the last group match and the 8th finals back and forth). Nothing is ever written in football but … If that is there today, especially Neymar is the first leg against Celtic Glasgow , during which he had delivered four assists. A record. Which therefore calls another! Related News: Neymar sickens Messi in training! (VIDEO) Do you like Neymar’s style of play?