Neymar: Youtubeur kneels to avoid broth

Sport 25 December, 2016

During a charity match, Neymar let his technique explode against a Youtubeur who had begged him not to humiliate him …
All the means are good not to take the broth. And it is not Fred Desimpedidos who will say the opposite. The Brazilian Youtubeur responded to the call of Neymar who wished to organize a charity match to raise funds to support the club Chapocoense, overshadowed by the plane crash on November 28 . Among the time-forts that game where Neymar and his friends faced the team of friends Robinho, we note that where Fred Desimpedidos, opposed Neymar knelt before the Barça player, begging him not to humiliate … It was evidently a loss for Youtubeur who did not even try to intervene on the dribbling of the Brazilian who slipped quietly at the goal, before spoiling everything by a cracked pass that would have screamed Luis Enrique .

Anyway this match (very) rich in goal ended on the score of 13-9 for the Neymar team. Returned home for the holidays, the former Santos player has a good time while waiting for Christmas . Invited to the evening of the surfer Gabriel Medina, Neymar was photographed disguised as Batman while his companion donned the costume of Catwoman. We know how to have fun with the Ney ‘! It’s worth taking advantage of it because on January 2nd it’s back to training for everyone! Read also: Neymar is a fan of Cristiano Ronaldo . What to do to not get humiliated by Neymar?