NieR Automata PS4 preview: The opinion of a noob of the Japanese RPG

Discover our opinion about the next NieR Automata, the game that will reconcile you or make you start the Jap RPG.
To give you the context, I had the opportunity to test the first 3 hours of the next NieR Automata , the Japanese RPG of Square Enix which will be released on March 10th . On the other hand, my experience with the RPG is limited to Pokemon … We do not laugh in the audience please! Because of this and if you are angry with this genre or you start completely like me, this preview will give you an ideal point of view for NieR!
Alien vs Android
As for history, humans undergo an alien attack, as they have fun sending robots to Earth to destroy them. Neither one nor two, the human race sets out to take refuge on the Moon . Although determined to recover the blue planet, humans will send the androids of the group YoRHa in order to repel the invader. You are in the skin of 2B , an android in the form of an elegant young woman without emotion.
Highlights of NieR
With a very interesting story that will be evoked more elaborate during our test, the gameplay of the title is surely the high quality of the title. Fan of the classic RPG turn-by-turn pass your way! Here, the battles are very dynamic, with the possibility of giving meal blows while simultaneously shooting at different enemies if you like. And I really loved this concept that allows you to deal with several enemies at once, all with a grip on the hair. Another very positive point of the game, it is his camera that passes regularly from 2D to 3D and vice versa , always in a justified and intelligent way. Basically, it’s a real pleasure to play. We will also rent a point that is only too rare, it is the passage from one zone to another without loading time.
The points bofs
Why. Just, why should too many games show the panties as well as the buttocks of a young woman to interest people? NieR Automata is one of those, and the fan service is far too present to our liking . Another perfectible point and which shows that the basic PS4 is perhaps already out of breath (when it is not Guerrilla Games which develops), it is the distance of display that often gives very basic textures to the buildings before To have the nose on it.
In summary ?
The title is released in a busy period that is the release of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild on Switch and Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 but good, its qualities are undeniable, it launches a wind of freshness on the RPG Japanese, you must not deny it (haha …) . Therefore, we will wait to test it so that we can tell you more, but I really look forward to playing the title longer to discover this world as enchanting as challenging. Most fans can also take a look at the collector edition of the PS4 edition of NieR Automata here. Expect NieR Automata?

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