Nike Air VaporMax: The “Triple Black” version will come out in June!

Techno 11 May, 2017

Nike will offer a restock of the Air VaporMax “Triple Black” next June. Get ready!
A few days ago, Neymar posed a Nike Air VaporMax at the foot , but not just any … It was the “Triple Black” version of the basketball, widely acclaimed by the addicts sneakers during the Air Max Day Organized in March. You did not manage to shopper it at that time but you still dream of putting it on? For now, the only possibility is to redeem it at gold price on eBay … But soon, a much cooler solution will be offered to you. Yes, Nike will propose a restock of his Air VaporMax “Triple Black” next June. We warn you this time, we must not miss you.
Faced with the infatuation aroused by his Air VaporMax “Triple Black”, Nike decided to offer a new chance to his fans to be able to shopper it. It will make its big comeback in stores on June 20, but probably not for long . In case you forget it, the Air VaporMax consists of a Flyknit rod and a sole filled with air. It is innovative, comfortable, and above all stylish. The proof, Kylian Mbappé recently displayed with the color Platinum on Instagram . At meltyStyle, we love the Nike Air VaporMax! Are you going to try your hand at the “Triple Black”?