Nikita Belykh was found guilty of corruption : Crime news : Vladim

News 1 February, 2018

Nikita Belykh was found guilty of receiving bribes. About it write mass media of Moscow.


According to the verdict Presnensky court of the Russian capital, former head of the Kirov region Belykh received a bribe in the form of money. Material resources he has acquired for protection. After receiving the money in the amount of EUR 50 000 Whites were angry at the businessman, demanding more. He turned to the FSB, giving the service a recorded conversation with the officer, where White requires money. Law enforcement authorities have the money for the Governor, after catching him red-handed in the restaurant where he was meeting with the owner.

The official accused of taking 600,000 euros in bribes for assisting in the illegal development of forest in the region. He was detained in the summer of 2016 in Moscow in the transfer of funds. The press then published the images frightened the police chief of the region and cash in front of him. To explain he couldn’t. Soon the President of Russia Vladimir Putin dismissed White because of the “loss of confidence”. The court may appoint to it punishment in the form of a prison sentence of 10 years in prison.