Nintendo NES Classic Mini: A restock what date?

Techno 14 November, 2016

nintendo-nes-mini-classicChristmas is fast approaching and you are still likely to wait restocks the Nintendo NES Classic Mini.
If like many French you have waited too long before pre-order the NES Classic Mini, no luck. With the imminent arrival of Christmas, sales of the mini console has exploded , and the small stock provided by Nintendo (only 100 000 in France) was not enough to go the distance, to the point that even before its release, the Nintendo NES Classic Mini was already out of stock everywhere . Overwhelmed with requests, the official account of Nintendo America has reassured fans. Coca-Cola Gaming Stories, we repeat it for months, contrary to rumors that make the fortune of speculators, not the NES Classic Mini is not a limited edition, and restocks will soon be organized around the world.

“The Nintendo NES Classic Mini is a real success, and we are working hard to meet the demands of the players. A restock will soon be organized for Christmas and New Year. Do not hesitate to contact your usual shops for pre-order your consoles . ” With this short message to the players, Nintendo intends to calm people and reassure consumers. Wait a bit before ordering the NES Classic Mini , it will soon be available again on all sales platforms. It is unfortunately possible that Santa Claus is a bit late this year, the NES Classic Mini will be well under the tree. Have you could order your NES Classic Mini?