Nintendo NES Classic Mini: A step-by-step tutorial to add games

Techno 23 January, 2017

Discover how to hack your NES Classic Mini, and add as many games as you want on the Nintendo mini console!
You’re a madman of Retrogaming, and games already on the NES Classic Mini, new production are not enough you? No panic, there is a simple enough method to hack your mini console, and so add many new games on the machine. Today, we explain how to do with this video, and you will see that it is not rocket science. Indeed, simply download the software , which will enable you to hack your quick quietly console. Attention, the latter is often recognized as suspicious by Windows, so you will have to override the security barriers. Once the download is complete, go to the hackchi2 folder, and decompress the hackchi executable. You can then slowly start hackchi.exe file that has just appeared . To add new games on the NES Classic Mini, you simply need to click on Add New Game , and add ROMs to .NES format. If you are a perfectionist, you can even define the image of each new game, to have something clean in the end. We remind you that the download ROMs of games you do not have a physical version is completely illegal, (but you can find an entire library just here ).
Once added all your favorite games, just click on Upload Selected NES Games to Mini and follow the instructions given by the computer. Turn off the console and connect the NES Mini to the PC with the Micro USB cable on the back of the case. Then press and hold the Reset button while pressing the power button once. The console should now be recognized by your computer. Release the Reset button, and install the driver indicated by the software. Expect everything to be charged, connect the NES Classic Mini, whose sales are already higher than the Wii U on your TV, and you can now enjoy your new games in peace ! Obviously, you will never be reminded of it enough, this manipulation is illegal, and it can potentially damage your console, which you traffic at your own risk. Did you succeed in hacking your NES Classic Mini?