Nintendo NES Classic Mini joysticks soon be available without wire?

Techno 5 December, 2016

nintendo-nes-classic-mini-manettesYou have a Nintendo NES Classic Mini but the wiring of the joystick is too short to play in your couch? The wording has found the solution.

That’s it, you got it! The Holy Grail arrived by mail, you have received your Nintendo NES Classic Mini and you did not fight to get one . But patatra! The cable of the handle is too short … It’s a shame you had installed the console in your living room on your big TV but the couch is too far away to sit and play … No panic, writing found the solution. And we must at the 8Bitdo Analogue and that created a wireless controller for the NES Mini, operating via Bluetooth . His code name: the Retro Receiver . A joystick which should be available from December 16th, which should cost about forty euros.

The controller creates all possible controversies …
Its operation seems simple: with every controller sold a small module like a USB key that plugs into the location of joysticks . And that’s all … Nothing complicated. To get one, it will go to Amazon or the 8Bido site and the pre-order . Or find on the net handles the old console with a much longer cable, it depends … And you now retro long evenings sitting in your sofa to be able to play your old favorite games without break your head and eyes in front of your screen … Otherwise, for another solution for too short wiring Nintendo NES Classic Mini is here … are you happy with your controllers?