Nintendo Switch: A mobile voice chat application arrives in July

Techno 7 July, 2017

An app companion arrives on the Switch and will finally have a voice chat on the console! Check out all the details about this app here.

While a Splatoon 2 Direct was held yesterday, Nintendo finally announces a way to communicate through a voice chat on the Switch! Indeed, a mobile application in companion app mode will be available from July 21 next, to accompany the output of the colored TPS. This application will allow, in particular to send invitations to join in game, but also and mainly a chat system Vocal that has not yet detailed …

And we hope that the Kyoto firm has worked well on the issue because, how will we hear the sound of the game coming from the console with a headset plugged on mobile? In any case and in Splatoon 2, it is indicated that it will be possible to speak with his teammates in private match, leaving us thinking that this will be impossible in part public. The application and its use will remain free until the launch of the online system of the Switch in 2018.