Nintendo Switch: An ultra fast battery charging in anticipation!

Techno 6 December, 2016

nintendo-pokemon-wii-u-nintendo-nx-nintendoWe know a little more about the load mode of the next Nintendo console Switch.
Exit loading ports owners that Nintendo had accustomed us until now . For the arrival of the new Switch console, Nintendo put dishes in the great, and we propose a C USB port to charge the portable console. Already on 12-inch MacBooks and Google Chromebooks, USB ports allow the portable console of the Switch can be recharged very quickly, but especially via any other USB cables C, which should soon replace the micro USB our smartphones. Another new size, unlike all other USB ports and derivatives, USB C is reversible, so you will more than make you head to know which way to connect the console . A small revolution in the Coca-Cola Gaming Stories, then we learned it a few hours ago that the NES Classic Mini soon dispose of wireless controllers.

C USB cables already available on some devices
But the most important news regarding the implementation of this new connection on the Nintendo Switch still remains the possibility to recharge the handheld via an external battery , thus prolonging its life far from a charging point fixed. If the arrival of the USB C on the Nintendo Switch, which could propose Binding of Isaac in his line-up , has not been confirmed officially by the Japanese firm, so it seems certain that the Switch should spend big cap in the area of loading its console. From our side, we looked forward to the confirmation of this information, and the arrival of the USB C on the 3DS! What do you think of the arrival of the USB C on the Nintendo Switch?