Nintendo Switch: Binding of Isaac in the line-up?

Techno 1 December, 2016

binding-of-isaac-afterbirth-rebirth-ed-mcmillenOne of the best titles of the independent scene soon in the catalog of the new Nintendo console?

Pending January 12, fateful date of Nintendo Direct Nintendo Special Switch , the brand’s new console, the fans peel the net in search of any rumor or leak index linked directly or indirectly to the beast or his future library. Random such rumor is the side of the developer blog of Binding of Isaac that springs the new intriguing phrase ‘ … Tyrone Rodriguez , Game Designer for future expansion Afterbirth + in the team of Edmund McMillen has actually dropped yesterday a subtext that was quick to encourage the many fans tweeting. Judge for yourself …
“Expect Afterbirth + on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and one more console. Sorry no PS Vita or Wii U versions. Date? Spring 2017-we’re already working on the console versions. ”

In sum, our knowledgeable friend plies arrival of extending Binding of Isaac Rebirth on PS4, Xbox One and another console ‘for spring 2017, which would be neither Sony PS Vita or Wii U Nintendo … a mystery not very difficult to break because it is unclear the game out on an older console or the ghostly Steam machines or other nVidia Shield … the news proves to be rather encouraging for the catalog Switch which would adopt one of the pearls of the scene indie play. Remember, Binding of Isaac is an indie title McMillen (Super Meat Boy, Aether, Gish) and one of the most successful games on the PC Steam platform. The title is a shooter in Die & Retry inspired by some of the great classics of video game history as Zelda NES 1 , but in a very particular universe … Would you like to see Rédac ‘you speak more often Indés games?