Nintendo Switch: EA promises the arrival of a headline on the new console

Techno 16 November, 2016

nintendo-switch-zelda-mario-console-nintendoWhile Nintendo Switch released in a few months, EA Games has already announced its willingness to invest the console.
It is the financial manager of EA group, Blake Jorgensen who swung information for Technology Conference UBS Global. While the man was speaking about the launch of the Nintendo Switch scheduled for next March, which should accommodate HD and Super Mario Sunshine Mario Galaxy 3 , he announced that EA would be present from the beginning of the console, several partnerships, including a large project . Indeed, he said that the game currently under development for the Nintendo Switch is “one of the largest that we have ever attended” . Coca-Cola Gaming Stories, we remain a bit skeptical about it, the more that EA makes us a little shot every new console.

But Blake Jorgensen persists and signs, while displaying some caution . “We are excited to Nintendo. It’s an interesting device, but I can not predict what its scope and whether people will be interested in a portable device in addition to the one they already have” . For the CFO of Electronic Arts , so not sure that players are able to fully consider the Nintendo Switch as a true home console. To learn a little more about Nintendo Switch, it will have to wait 13 January , when much information should be disclosed. What do you expect from Electronic Arts to launch the Nintendo Switch?