Nintendo Switch: Joycons, online, Pro controller … Information you missed

Techno 19 January, 2017

The list of general info about the Nintendo Switch, its controllers and its games that you probably missed is here.
Even by subscribing to the Nintendo Switch folder or by reading our impressions here , it is still possible that you have missed some info that are important for some. Let’s move to the console itself is at its dock for example:
It is possible to connect the dock or load the Switch with the same charger (although it may not be super practical …)
The back of the dock is actually a hatch under which are located a USB port, an HDMI port and USB port C loading
The dock has 3 USB ports, only the one on the back is in USB 3.0 and will allow you to connect a hard disk fast access
The touch screen of the Switch contains haptic feedback technology
The Joycons and the grip:
The right Joycon contains an NFC chip that reads the Amiibo
The Joycons automatically synchronize to the console by simply sliding them to the sides of the tablet
There is a bundle where the right and left Joycons are blue and red to complement the blue and red Joycons of the Neon bundle of the Switch
The Joycon right to an IR pointer
The Joycons will load themselves by being connected to the tablet
All Joycons are sold with black strap accessories. It is possible to buy red and blue also
For the Switch Pro controller:
It also has an NFC chip to read the Amiibo
Like the Joycons, it is equipped with advanced vibration and motion capture technology
It can be loaded by the same charger as that supplied with the Switch bundle
As for the games and online services of the Switch:
Nintendo said that more than 80 games were currently under development
Despite the announcement of an Online Pay, a free trial period will be available starting in March
While waiting to get your hands on the console, you can still discover this video that shows the Nintendo Switch from every angle. What do you think of this information about the Switch?