Nintendo Switch: Koizumi and Takahashi evoke their relationship with Miyamoto

When we are called the “new Miyamoto” or we are “the boss” of the biggest Game designer of the universe, we have some tricks to say.
While we were able to interview Mr. Koizumi (designer of the Switch) and Mr. Takahashi (General Manager of the development of the next Nintendo titles) about the Switch , we took the opportunity to ask their opinion about Shigeru Miyamoto, the biggest Game designer of Nintendo whose presentation is more to do.
Mr.Koizumi you have worked on so many Nintendo games and the Internet users call you the new Miyamoto, what do you think?
Koizumi: “I worked so much with Miyamoto that today I think I can consider him as my father, but we have our own personalities, so I do not think I’m the new Miyamoto. That I am compared to him, but it gives me the pressure, because I will have to prove myself worthy of him and make the Switch a success. ”
And you Mr. Takahashi, you’re the manager of Mr. Miyamoto and all of the development teams what do you do?
Takahashi: “As you said, I’m the manager, I can tell you that Koizumi can not do and that Miyamoto can do, and vice versa, everyone has their qualities and their particularity. I can see everybody doing things in front of me. Of course, when I say that I am the manager of Mr. Miyamoto it is a gag, of course He is my superior. ”
Still, working with people such as Koizumi, Takahashi and Miyamoto every day at Nintendo … we can not imagine the monumental stress of the young people who land and have to present their works before these geniuses of the video game … What do you think?

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