Nintendo Switch: Portages and new titles at launch?

Techno 21 November, 2016

nintendo-switchLaura Kate Dale, blogger specializing video game on the Nintendo Switch, unveiled a list of games that could go out on the Big N. in console
Laura Dale , video game blogger having as specialty the leak of information about the next Nintendo machine, has unveiled a list of games that could potentially come out on said console at launch , within six months and for the rest of ‘year. This list is to be taken lightly, but this information from different sources which makes them credible. What we find in this inventory. Apart from Mario, Splatoon Skyrim and the launch of the Nintendo Switch and on which the blogger is already back, Gaming Stories with Coca-Cola dug up a few surprises on portages and other pretty interesting unpublished softs .

So, as you can see in the tweet of the young woman above, we note a certain Mario Rabbids RPG in which our favorite plumber meet the Rabbids. A title that would be provided by Nintendo at the launch of the console. There is also a port of a possible Super Smash Bros., with two new amiibo: Bayonetta and Cloud . Other planned opus: A game of the Galaxy Guardians developed by TT Games , porting Xenoblade X , a reboot of Pikmin for this fall and Pokemon Stars, already in development for the Nintendo Switch , among others. So we put some money aside to procure future of Nintendo console? In your opinion, what games are we sure of the arrival (except those confirmed)?