Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC and Xbox One, a similar architecture

Techno 17 November, 2016

nintendo-switchNvidia has hinted it would be easier for developers to carry PS4 games, PC or Xbox One Nintendo Switch, offering a wider range of games.
Will one more games developed by third parties or more publishers porting on the future of console at Big N? This is the question Gaming Stories with Coca-Cola is entitled to ask after hearing the latest statements of Nvidia on Nintendo Switch, which could have Mario, Splatoon and Skyrim at launch . The global provider of graphics processors has told a conference that developers can ” target an installed base far greater with a common code base and therefore they can increase the quality of production, the value of production games . ” What does it mean ? Simply that porting games like PS4, Xbox One or PC should not be very difficult to achieve on future Nintendo machine .

Nvidia does not say enough about the processor powering the Nintendo machines
Still specify the Tegra processor from Nvidia , a processor similar to that found on the next gen consoles, will equip all Switch. Hence the easier porting of games, with a GPU based on a common architecture and modern with other consoles , including similar functionality. To say that the Nintendo Switch offer something identical to the PS4 or Xbox One … Jen Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, said at the conference that there would still be differences since although processors have a common architecture, there will be variations on the design and graphics capabilities . Yesterday you spoke drafting of the Nintendo Switch and EA promises the arrival of a headline on the new console. In your opinion, what games PS4, Xbox One or PC could be found on Nintendo Switch?