Nintendo Switch: Soon more popular than the Xbox One?

Techno 23 January, 2017

Is Nintendo successfully betting with the Switch? Some analysts predict that it should be more popular than the Xbox One in 2020.
Commercial Success for the Nintendo Switch? Although the Japanese console will be sold on March 3, but already on pre-order , it is already eagerly awaited. Play station of living room, but also mobile, its positioning should delight of very many players. Thus, DFC Intelligence predicts him huge popularity in the coming years. The analysts of the firm think that Nintendo could sell no less than 40 million copies of its console by 2020. An impressive figure! “The Switch is a fascinating technological device that could attract a very large market,” said the company. The latter is said even more “conservative” in its analysis. This would be very good news for Nintendo if this number is true. This would also allow the Switch to compete directly with the Xbox One.
According to a recent report, Microsoft would have sold 23 million copies of its Xbox One in 3 years. DFC Intelligence think Nintendo Switch expected to surpass those figures. More than 13 million Japanese consoles should find buyers per year, in the next three years. A prediction that contrasts with the firm’s recent history. For some years now, Nintendo has struggled to find the path to success. The Wii U was a serious setback, and sales of 3DS are in continual decline. Will the Switch raise the bar? With a different strategy of Playstation 4 Pro , the Japanese firm seems to have every chance. Hope the analysts have seen right. Tempted by the console?