Nintendo Switch: The 3 licenses of third-party developers that we would like to see on the console in 2017

Techno 15 January, 2017

What are the three third-party licensing games that we would like to see happen on the Nintendo Switch in the year 2017?
During the morning of Friday, we were able to discover a lot of information concerning the arrival of the next console of Nintendo. Thus, the release date, price and specifications of the Switch could be revealed even here . While the announcement will have pleased many players, there were also many complaints about the console’s line-up: the only major game that will be released on Switch at the same time as the console deployment, Namely the new Zelda, will also be available on Wii U! Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will join the line-up, but it is only a reissue of the Wii U version. The other games expected from the console (Splatoon 2, the new Mario), Will appear only in a few months. Then hope will come, to fill the console in games, from third-party developers. Which licenses could join the console to improve this wobbly line-up?

Let’s start with the most probable: Bayonetta. Since Bayonetta 2, the license is exclusive for console Nintendo . Needless to say, Bayonetta 3 will certainly be announced during the year for the Switch , remains to hope that all this is realized in 2017! Another license that we would like to see happen on the Switch would be the Persona license. Fans of the series know: Persona 5 is due for release next April in Europe, and we believe this is the perfect license for the Switch. The graphics cartoonesques, although a little dark, the universe would fit perfectly with the spirit of the console, besides the possibility of making Persona portable would be particularly pleasant … Finally, it is a bit utopian and certainly very little likely, but we would love to discover the arrival of Red Dead Redemption 2, announced a few weeks ago, on Switch . However, we sincerely doubt the console’s capabilities to keep a game of this size, not to mention that the console’s memory counts 32GB, and that a game like Red Dead 2 will certainly do more … We invite you to discover here the summary of the presentation of the 2017 Switch to have complete information about the! And you, what licenses do you expect on Switch?