Nintendo Switch: The different mode of the console in detail

Techno 8 February, 2017

Just a few months from its release, the Nintendo Switch offers a nice video presentation.
While Nintendo had already unveiled its console Switch all angles , the Japanese automaker has just put online a video presentation of all possible modes of play on the Nintendo Switch. You know, the adaptability of the console is one of the great promises of the Switch , which allows you to play just about anywhere, even if he will still think of recharge time to time beast. In this video, Nintendo presents the TV mode, which consists of playing as on a conventional living room console. Detach the Joy-Con to be able to use them as Wiimote (each Joy-Con is equipped with a gyroscopic focus, which allows him to interact with your movements), or give a Joy-Con to a friend to play together. By fixing the two Joy-Con on the portable screen of the Switch, you get the portable console mode, to play wherever you want. With USB C, it’s also possible to charge the console while playing .
But these are not the only modes that promises to offer the new console Nintendo . With tabletop fashion (literally “on the table” ), you can enjoy the mobility of Joy-Con, while playing on the handheld screen. All you have to do is unlock the base of the screen, so you can put it where you want. If you’re not afraid to blow your eyes, you can once again share your Joy-Con, and enjoy a multiplayer experience. If you’re more of “everyone’s screen”, you can also bring your portable console with a friend , and connect to the console via WiFi. You will have the opportunity to play together, but separately. But together all the same. Up to eight consoles can be connected together, which is a lot of opportunity, and a lot of money, even if the Nintendo Switch has recently passed under the € 300 bar . On the side features, the right Joy-Con will have an Amiibo player, while the Joy-Con left will have a share button, to share your game with the world. Which fashion seduces you the most?