Nintendo Switch: Transfer backup for soon?

Techno 3 July, 2017

According to official documents relating to the Nintendo Switch which have leaked on the net (to be taken with tweezers), the new console of Big N could soon propose the transfer of backup for its games. No more backup loss after a machine crash!

According to Neogaf, which quotes potentially official documents (nothing confirmed at the moment) that have leaked on the net, the Nintendo Switch, which could have stocks again Soon, will welcome new features very nice. And among these, the most important in all likelihood for gamers: the transfer of backup. A feature that has existed for years on other next-gen consoles and that finally arrives at Nintendo. You will be able to save your games on a map or the cloud and no longer lose them if the console crashes. A feature that for now has no release date, Nintendo having nothing formalized at all.

Another cool feature that should happen according to the document: the “guest mode” which will propose to the players who would invite friends to play temporarily to be able to have fun without having to create an account (somewhat what proposes besides the Other consoles). It is also noted, with regard to the transfer of backup, that it will obviously be possible to perform it on several accounts opened on the console. Features that, if confirmed, would arrive soon. We look forward ! A few days ago, the editors were talking about the Nintendo Switch and a dock shaped like a Game Boy Advance SP.