Nintendo Switch: Unable to load the Joy-Con with the support built into the bundle

Techno 16 January, 2017

While the official presentation of the Nintendo Switch took place Friday morning, we learn a little more about the new removable controllers of Nintendo.
The more time passes, the more the Nintendo Switch unfolds. Unfortunately for the players, the news is not always good . We have just learned that the Joy-Con grip, understand the support to bring together the two Joy-Con provided in the launch pack of the Nintendo Switch would not allow to recharge the joysticks. Information that Nintendo was careful not to reveal during the official presentation of the Switch, you can relive on melty . Especially since the grip sold on the market, which seems exactly the same as the one included in the bundle, will allow to assemble and reload the Joy-Con without problem!

You will understand, to load your controllers, you will have to slam 30 € more …
To play while avoiding to use the battery of your Joy-Con, so you will attach the handles to the removable display, or give you the Joy-Con grip commercially sold separately for € 30 . A blow to the fans of the console, especially when we know that the Nintendo Switch will be marketed in France at around € 330 , much higher than what could be expected. You will understand, the Nintendo Switch is not yet released, that the first disappointments begin. Hopefully we will not have too many other surprises of the kind before obtaining the new console from Nintendo … Do you find normal that the charging grip is sold separately from the base console?