Nintendo Switch: What does the console menu look like?

Techno 19 January, 2017

Did you ever wonder what the Nintendo Switch menu looked like? The developer of Binding of Isaac has just leaked an image!
It was strange that we were able to notice during our preview of the Nintendo Switch during the French event , it was impossible to return to the menu of the console, the function having simply was deactivated … Intriguer is- Is not it? Since Nintendo has shown very few images of the menu of the console, of which you can discover here, but does not say very long about the Switch … Only, Nicalis who is the developer of the game Binding of Isaac has just made a little kiff by posting a new image of this interface before even Nintendo . Of course the tweet has been deleted since, but we managed to recover the image …

The menu image of the Switch that has just leaked
Apparently, a “night” mode seems to be available, unless it is possible to change the colors of this wallpaper, which, it must be confessed , is nevertheless rather sad to face what currently offers the 3DS . This image teaches us some functions not really unexpected like the presence of the eShop, which must be an image gallery, as well as an extinction button and parameters. More interesting, however, it seems possible to create several users on the console. While waiting to be able to discover more about this menu, you can always discover this video of the Nintendo Switch which allows to discover the console from all angles. What do you think of the Switch menu?