NLP: A fan is putting themselves in danger for them!

News 29 December, 2016

While the PNL phenomenon continues its ascent, some fans do not know what to do to attract their attention … The images!
NLP is clearly one of the groups that has made a lot of ink in the last 12 months. The two brothers from Corbeil-Essonnes have not ceased to convince more and more followers, uncontested of their Cloud rap and continue their ascent to the summit. If their album In legend is part of our Top 10 best French rap albums of 2016 , fans are also crazy about this duo. And sometimes a little too … According to very reliable site Kapitalis , Tunisian news media, a fan of the group threatened to commit suicide from the top of the clock from the Avenue Habib Bourguiba in Tunis, if the group do not come together in the country . The Interior Ministry said in a statement that the young man in his early twenties had climbed the clock Wednesday in the afternoon. Images !
A banner, the young man had written ” Salem NLP, forgiveness life I love PNL” and openly threatened to kill himself if the group of 91 did not come to together in Tunisia … About an hour Later, police and civil protection managed to bring down the young fan, who was immediately taken by the police to be interrogated. To all the young fans who read us, do not do this, and then you would miss the news of NLP which continues to break records , it would be a pity … Besides, do you wait to see the new clip Duo?